Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Being almost twenty years old, I like to think that I was born right as the internet was in its genesis of widespread consumer usage.  Therefore, my earliest memory of using the internet (and probably the computer for that matter) came when I was the tender age of five and my mother let me go on to purchase Pokemon Blue Version with a gift card my aunt got me.  Keep in mind that, being only five years old, I was not entirely sure what was happening and was possibly more excited about being able to battle my brother’s Pokemon (you know that I won). Still, the ability to have a new game sent to me after a few mouse clicks and key strokes was pretty impressive, even for a kid who could barely tie his own shoes.

This brings up the question of, “why”?  “Why was using this aspect of new media so impressive?”  One characteristic of new media is that it is ubiquitous.  I was able to sit in my mother’s lap in the comfort of our own home and receive the information and means of getting materialistic items without having to put shoes on.  If you think about it, back before the beginning of the millennium, it was probably more of a hassle for my mom to take her rambunctious pack of kids rather than me just pointing to what I wanted on a computer screen.

New media also has the characteristic of being pulled.  There were no giant flashing ads saying,  “buy this here!” or “you definitely want this! It will improve your life!” No, instead the product I wanted was put on the web and I found it, or pulled it, to get what I was looking for.  I sought after the information, rather than having someone send it to me. 

by Mark Patton



  1. Your post actually reminded me of the time I bought my first phone. I purchased it online when I was 12 years old. And I completely agree with what you’re saying about how the Internet was/is used as a resource to make certain tasks easier. It also seems as though it’s become too much of a resource for some people. I think that it’s pretty likely more and more ads came into play when the realization set in that the majority of the population was consistently using new media.

  2. It is amazing how the Internet and new media have changed the way people view shopping and retrieving information in general. The last paragraph is just so true – for example, I did not even have to get out of my seat to buy all of my college books this year. I just had to go online, compare prices, and set the order.

    We can pretty much get anything online from clothing to even groceries. It just goes to show how much new media is continually changing the scope of our daily lives.

    Also, I remember having a copy of Pokemon Yellow Version when I was younger, that was one of my favorite games!

  3. One of the most impressive things about new media is online shopping. I have worn a women’s 11 shoe since I was 11 years old! I had to find shoes that fit me and still complied with my school’s uniform. My mom and I had searched each store in the mall and independent stores, it was exhausting. They only carried up to 10. With I was able to get the dress shoes appropriate for school. I ordered a bunch and returned the ones I didn’t like, for free. E commerce is great because it connects consumers in a niche market to producers across the country!

  4. Oh, how this new media has changed how we buy things! Now it is just so easy to go online and buy basically ANYTHING. I love how this touches on how new media has impacted us as consumers and how we buy things. In this digital age, we can so easily just go online and have things delivered right to our doorstep!

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