Addiction Over Time

My earliest memory of using the Internet is when I was in 4th grade and I learned about I remember that we had dial-up Internet and I had to ask permission to use the Internet for twenty minutes at a time because that would prevent my parents from being able to talk on the phone. When I discovered the I was overwhelmed by all the opportunities I had for online gaming, in so little time.

The first game that I ever played online was called, Rufus Snow Ride. Actually, I was ranked number 8 in the United States for a verrry short period of time. Nonetheless, my few moments of glory existed and they were wonderful. Disney Channel had a lot of games as time went on and I found myself consumed by their website for most of my free time.

My first form of social media was AOL Instant Messenger. Thinking back, I’m quite embarrassed of the things I used to post and my “Away Messages” which were almost always a quote about a boy who probably never checked them. I think that AOL really was the first spark of a fire that encompassed all social media. The popularity that skyrocketed from just about all of the preteens of the US, was astounding.

I think MySpace was a product of the success of AIM. I remember all of my friends having MySpace’s and the constant begging to my parents about wanting to make a profile. MySpace was addicting because it was new media and it was so interactive. You’re constantly looking at new things that are being updated and you have so much more ability to connect with friends outside of physical means.

Currently, I’m an active member of Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. I think that the capacity that new media holds is astounding. I can literally check my twitter in two-minute intervals and have a completely new newsfeed. I don’t think I would consider myself addicted, but then again, I can’t imagine going a day without checking my newsfeeds.


  1. What do you think is most interactive about new media?
  2. What do you think is the most beneficial aspect of social media?


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Juna Skrami


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  1. The dial-up Internet! I remember painfully that the Internet connection back then would just cut off immediately after someone picks up the (damn) phone! I’ve never actually bother finding out the reasons behind this, but thanks to your post I just did. Dial-up Internet service is a service that allows connectivity to the Internet through just a telephone line. ( Basically, a Dial-up Internet uses the telephone line, which explains why we couldn’t use the Internet if someone was on the phone or vice versa. Now, it has been replaced with Broadband Internet that offers higher speed, and one good thing about it is that the connectivity is “always on”, thus avoiding the need to connect and disconnect each session as opposed to a Dial-up Internet service that doesn’t work simultaneously with the telephone line. So, thanks to “new media” and advance technologies, we have the choice to replace Dial-up Internet with Broadband Internet and Wireless Internet. I’m so thankful for these creations!!

    Cheryl Joseph

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