How I Got Hooked on the World Wide Web

To think, it’s been almost 10 years since I first remember using the Internet on my own. The first memories I have of using the Internet are of using it for AOL instant messaging with my friends and for e-mail. I would sit at the family desktop computer and have to endure that awful dial-up tone, only to have to wait about 5 minutes to even get each thing to load. Yet, this was all considered new media at the time and I was a kid just waiting to be sucked into the wide world of this new technology. To think, I didn’t even need to be face-to-face with my friends to interact with them, or even have to have a phone, all I needed was my computer! I could send my friends all the virtual notes I wanted, complete with fancy HTML that allowed me to send them smiley faces, make my text different colors, bold, italics, different fonts, the list goes on! And it was quick too! (Not compared to today, but at the time, it was still impressive!) You could easily send an IM and have a response in a few seconds with just the tap of a few keys. Another bonus was that you could think before you said/sent anything, so your conversations were more censored than a face-to-face conversation, which usually tends to be uncensored. It didn’t matter where you were or where the person you were chatting were either, you could chat with people from around the world. From then on, my world was expanded thanks to the World Wide Web. To think of how far it has come now, even just 10 years later, is hard to grasp. Huge bulky desktop computers that were slow as molasses and limited web access? Well now I can search anything, anywhere, from the convenience of my iPhone that fits in my pocket. I honestly can’t imagine a world without computers, and I still can’t decide: is that a good or a bad thing?



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