How Quickly Things Change…

My first memories of using a computer sometimes shock me as to how far technology has come in recent years, and how easily I have adapted to it. When I was younger, I didn’t even use a computer for the Internet, I used it to play games such as Freddie Fish and Barbie Beauty Styler. Fortunately or unfortunately, those days are long gone. Computer usage nowadays is at a much more advanced level than ever anticipated, and I’m trying every day to evolve alongside it.

In the early years of my computing, instantaneous communication was not on the forefront of my mind. Being six years old, I couldn’t care less whether or not I had instant communication with anyone around the world. More recently, this has become a defining factor in technology in general. Everything is instant: talking, texting, listening to music, taking pictures- all of it can be done in one handheld device. The idea that things can be instant and easy is what technology has built upon over the years.

Computers have completely redefined most everyday activities, as well. The workplace now revolves around technology, and that technology has even changed how you write a memo, or do research for your next project. Even students, people who are my age, have experienced extensive change throughout their school years. Instead of going to the library to check out books for research, we can type five words into Google and discover all the information we will ever need. Gitleman and Pingree discuss how rapidly our world is changing and how little we know about what is becoming the next “new media.” The definition of what new media is is constantly shifting due to the fact that new technology is always being created, and what once was new slowly becomes outdated.

Using my computer 15 years ago involved me clicking a few buttons in an animated game and being thrilled, but alas the days of basic computing are over. To now be considered “computer proficient,” one must have extensive knowledge of a multitude of programs, (ex. Microsoft Word, Exel, Powerpoint, etc.) and one is often required to understand more complex inner-workings of the computer, such as html code. This advance of technology just within the last few years alone is impressive yet terrifying. If this much has changed in the past 15 years, what will the world be like two decades from now?


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