My first days online

The first computer I ever used was a large desktop that my parents had in their bedroom. My dad used to work in animation so he had it to work on the programs that he needed for work and the classes he attended to improve his digital animation skills. It would take up to 15 minutes to get the big buzzing machine to turn on and there was only a weak internet connection that you needed to plug in every time for use. I rarely went on it because it was so difficult for me to use and my time on the internet was often spent at friends houses who had smaller computers, playing games and chatting online on AIM. My idea of media was very limited and I had no idea what really lay beyond the simple games that I would play with my friends after school. 

I remember my mom first helping me create an email address when I was in the fifth grade so that I could email my cousins who lived in San Francisco and learn about the world online. This was what some might call my first time using a form of “social media” even if it was just a simple correspondence with my elementary school cousins. I was thrilled to be able to connect with people outside of my little bubble of a life I had at the time and delighted in any chance to send an email. It’s honestly shocking to me now how little I even think about sending a quick email, when I get upwards of 30 per day now about different topics. I used to be so thrilled to see new messages in my inbox while today I see all of the junk mail piling up as being a nuisance. The world online has transformed my life today and it is astonishing to see where it began all of those years ago in my parents bedroom. 



  1. I completely agree with your comment on how it used to be so exciting to log in every once in a while and see that you had a new message but now we are so connected 24/7 it annoys me the number of emails I get a day. Great post!

  2. It is amazing how our early excitements of getting emails and messages has turned into such a norm. Originally receiving an email was almost as fun as receiving postal mail. Now our emails are clogged with junk mail, merchandisers, and etc that the excitement of emails have lost their touch. I sometimes go weeks without going through my personal email because I know it will just be filled with “Flash Sales” and “low time offer” messages.

  3. This is something I can relate to! Growing up, I also had a close family member that moved away. We used e-mails as a means of communication and there really was a thrill in being able to keep in touch with someone that lived so far away. This first experience with what we can call a form of “social media” had sparked what would soon my addiction to all forms of social media! Great post!

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