MySpace and New Media

I still remember the Christmas morning that my parents took me and my brother into our home office to see a massive desktop computer. Although waiting on dial up was a hassle, I thought that having the internet at my fingertips was the coolest thing ever. I cherished my time spent chatting with my friends on Instant Messenger and posting bulletins on my MySpace page. It was the first site that I had that connected me to all of my friends. Today, most people’s first encounter with media is at a very young age. Even children carry around iPhones and iPads, which is a drastic change from when I was growing up.
In my opinion, the most important advancement in new media is the creation of newer, better social networks. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow people to connect solely through a computer screen and have become integral parts of American culture. We are constantly checking our phones and social networks, which allows us to stay updated on what’s happening with friends and throughout the world. For me, it’s almost compulsive to check my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds throughout the day, which is a drastic change from when I was younger.


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