MySpace Changed My Life, Or At Least I Thought It Did


My mother was not always tech savvy so it took a while for her to hop on the technological advancements bandwagon. And in turn, my interaction with the computer was a little delayed. But when I finally did have my first interactions, I was completely taken aback by the possibilities. The first time I really remember experiencing the web and Internet, besides using paint to scribble nonsense on a PC, was when the new Apple computers came out. My stepdad at the time just got a new desktop computer from Apple while my elementary school got a mass supply of the chunky, translucent Apple iMac’s. The iMac was a major upgrade with its built in CD player, less cables, and sleeker design. This was my first introduction to iPhoto where I was amazed by the storage aspect. We no longer needed to go through overwhelmingly stuffed boxes of old pictures down in the basement. But instead we could store all the family photos in the application iPhoto.

MySpace was a big milestone of my history with the computer. It was my first time encountering the integration of data. I was able to add photos, select a layout design and add the latest now that’s what I call music hits to my profile. Although, I do have MySpace to blame for a lot of preteen angst over who was number one on my top friends list. MySpace was also a source for experiencing the interactivity of the web. I was able to send a message to friends within seconds (time dimension). It was hard to grasp that sense of immediate reaction when I was so used to sending letters to pen pals and anticipating a letter that could take up to a month to receive. Right around the time I got a MySpace account I created my first e-mail account,, which of course epitomizes the way kids interacted with the web at that time.


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  1. I loved some of the earlier iMacs and how they changed the way we look at computers and their design! I also loved and still love iPhoto; hasn’t photo management drastically changed within the last two decades?

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