Out With The Old, In With The New

New media and the Internet have so much to offer. Our computers are essential tools to life. The majority of what we as a society do is made possible by technology. Staying up to date with news, connecting with our friends and getting schoolwork done are just a sample of the endless things that a computer allows us to do. My earliest memories of a computer are far simpler than the multifaceted power it has grown into today. My family had a bulky, loud Gateway desktop computer, and it’s primary function was for my mom to do her freelance work and for me to play computer games. Long, cold Chicago winters would prevent me from playing outside, so this new source of fun was amazing at the time. I spent the winter playing my favorite games: Putt Putt Goes to the Moon, Carmen San Diego, and even the computer’s basic pinball game. I was hooked on gaming; it was such a unique experience. I’ll never forget the aggravating sound of our dial up connection buzzing and struggling while I eagerly waited to start playing my games.

As years went by, technology improved and better games were released. My basic computer games were replaced with a shiny new PlayStation, and I quickly learned the intricacies of the high-powered console. I remember seeing that PlayStation had released a newer, better version of the console called the PS2. It was the first time I recognized the way new media worked. It was constantly evolving. There would always be newer, better technology to use and it would be difficult to resist begging my parents for the newer version. In hindsight, I should have been more appreciative of owning any kind of new media technology at such a young age. But the beauty of new media is it’s constant evolution, and the quest to utilize it to it’s fullest potential

Connor Doyle

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One comment

  1. I feel ya! Back in the day I was a huge game freak. Saved up my money to buy the newest games. Begged my parents to buy the new console, and would pout if they didn’t. I honestly thought the path I would go into would be that of the gaming world – either a tester, designer, or creator. But about halfway through high school I just stopped. Cold turkey. Instead I took up film. I guess gaming wasn’t evolving fast enough. Or maybe something else evolved that took gaming’s place.

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