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In the mid 90’s when I was very young probably around 6 or 7 my parents had this gigantic Macintosh desktop.  My elementary school also had macintosh computers.  I remember the interactive books on cd-rom that I was amused by as a kid.  I thought there was nothing better than the vivid pictures coupled with a smooth narration telling you a story.



The first software I can remember using is Microsoft Paint.  To me it was amazing how you could create pictures and images without crayons, markers, and paper.  You could scribble for the entire day without running out of space.  If you didn’t like what you did part or the whole piece of art could be erased in seconds.  I remember everyone being excited to create their own master piece, printing it off, and eagerly awaiting to show teachers, and parents.  I fely like paint was the “new media and more efficient then it’s predecessor”  (Gitelman and Pingree page 3) of markers, crayons, and paper for a 6 year old that was willing to use tons of paper to create the perfect family picture. 

I feel like the “synchronicity” mentioned by van Dijk was relevant to me because as a young child, the mouse, and the computer was visually stunning to me.  Because would you are creating with the mouse simultaneously appears on the screen.

I also vaguely remember the scholastic games on the computer something.  Most of what I remember is them being math games.  I kept playing them so they must have been some what addicting. 

I remember the internet being super slow back then and having to wait for the dial up internet connect, which felt like forever.  The noise of the dial up internet connecting was ear piercing it kind of reminded me of the sound of cicadas in the summer time.  I guess my aha moment was in sixth grade and I learned that the computers of the 2000’s were much faster than those of the 90’s.  The speed of the computer my family got in the early 2000’s blistered the one we had from the 90’s.

Discussion Questions

  1. How do you foresee the next generation answering questions about their first experiences with a computer?
  2. What in your opinion is the single most important advancement within new media that has occurred in the last 10 years?

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  1. Nice post! I think we can both relate on Microsoft Paint. I personally think that the single most important advancement was the introduction of applications to mobile devices, and the internet on mobile devices in general.

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