The addiction that is New Media

As a child, my first exposure to a computer was at school. I specifically remember ONE computer in the classroom that could only be used by certain individuals after a form of “training.” That year, our school opened a full computer lab. The majority of the time when we were allowed to use a computer, it was to do Learning Programs or practice our WPM. I particularly remember one of our lessons was learning how to save on a floppy disk.  Then came my family’s home desktop, a massive Gateway computer with that beautiful AOL dial up sound. You heard that dial up tone every time you wanted to wait 20 minutes just to log in and check your email or in my case, my instant messenger. At the time, I didn’t comprehend the idea of the internet and how powerful it was. The internet was becoming more and more popular in my age group, AOL instant messenger allowed us to gossip and talk in groups about school and anything that was going on. We loved it. This was the beginning of what I NOW understand is the power of the internet.

We began to rely on AIM to communicate with each other and although it wasn’t a big deal at the time, our human interaction was beginning to slip. New media has given us the opportunity to connect and have information at our fingertips. The first time I SKYPED with a family member in Mexico my parents were amazed at what the internet could do.I went from learning how to use a floppy disk, to video chatting my cousins in a different country. It was amazing, the ability to connect easily was wonderful. New media is addictive, I can say I’m addicted to checking my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn constantly. I find myself sometimes opening Facebook on my laptop, then closing my laptop just to open Facebook on my iPhone. My iPhone has become my life. Like this article states, losing my iPhone would be a terrifying moment. My life relies on this little tech device. Emails, work schedule, homework schedule, etc everything is put on my phone.

New media is interactive which is what I find to be most addictive. It allows you to connect and become involved through various platforms. New media is so powerful that is has the ability to change your mood and opinion. All day long as you scroll through your social media accounts, you are exposed to different scenarios and feelings that you find yourself replicating. The use of big and slow computers is out of the question now days. Instead of taking my laptop to class, I find it easier now to just take my iPad which is essentially my computer now and doing all my work on there. As I reflect on how computers and the internet have influenced my life, I can see it has made things both easier and complicated. As new media continues to evolve, I can only imagine how much more it will influence my day-to-day interactions.


Christian Preciado



  1. I completely agree that new media has become extremely addictive. Sometimes, I find myself totally lost without my phone. In the beginning of the semester I was left without a phone for 5 days when I accidentally caused water damage to it. And, let me tell you, I was so incredibly anxious of missing important calls or messages, and I felt like I was always missing/forgetting something whenever I left my apartment without this device. I like the comment at the end of the article you mentioned, that we are “empowered and enslaved by the small screen.” It’s very true; these tiny, mind-boggling devices can allow us to be more informed and efficient, but they also can entrap us in their highly addictive power.

  2. This is so true! I agree with you 100% percent in saying that this new age of media is the most addictive. I feel like the fact that it is so interactive is what makes it so addictive! Great post!

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