Cultural Changes Due to the Current Technological Revolution




Growing up, technology was nowhere near as significant in my life as it is in today’s generation. I never felt the need to have a cell phone as a child, and I didn’t even receive a cell of my own until I entered high school. Computers were never a huge part of my life growing up either. The only times I did use one was for the intention of some type of educational game or any online game in general. The Internet as a whole was just something that did not fascinate me as a child. This is most likely because the power of the Internet was just beginning. As I started to get older, the Internet and its popularity among my generation began to increase. People began to get their own emails, using MySpace, instant messaging each other etc. It started the trend of meeting people solely through a computer screen. 

When I think back to my childhood, it actually shocks me how different my life was as compared to now. I never felt the need to check my phone, because I didn’t have one. However, now, the Internet seems to be one of the largest parts of our lives. We use it here on campus; we use it for work, for school, for homework, even for this blog post. It is something that has formed its way into daily life so much so that it is hard to imagine a life without it. Nowadays, new media is a vital part of even the youngest generations. It seems as though every child has a brand new iPhone 5s or some type of smart phone. Children know how to work technology before they reach double digits in age.

Discussion question #1: Although when it comes to technological dependence, most people only think of the negatives, what are the positives to it?

Clearly, the media has been around for many years, and has been an essential part of daily life. However, it has not always been the way that it is today. The advancement of media over recent time has completely changed the way in which we live. With social medias like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we have been able to live a complete life on the web. We are able to view people’s inner worlds with the click of a button, people we may have never seen in real life before. To me, this is definitely an important advancement within new media in that it has allowed for so much change that wasn’t even imaginable in the past. There is definitely a point in which the Internet can be overused and depended on, however, we must also praise its benefits.




Discussion question #2: Imagine a world without the internet, do you think as a culture we would be able to develop relationships with each other more easily?


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