Sitting at our brand new wooden desk in the kitchen corner, I turned our new computer on. That was honestly the first time that I had ever used a computer. My sister tapped me and looked at me with excitement! We waited for it to turn and all of a sudden a blue screen popped up. It took the computer some time to load up. Once it was finally done loading my sister hit the big “E” button in the left hand corner of my screen, and we waited and just waited. It seemed like it was taking an eternity. We heard it making a dialing sound. When we initially heard those sounds we thought we had broken something already! We sat and watched, and finally Yahoo home screen popped up on our computer. My sister looked at me and I looked at her, and we knew that we’d just entered into a new world.

We stayed on Yahoo for a while, just navigating and trying to see what all was out there for us to rummage into. My sister eventually found the Yahoo games, and I must admit it was one of the happiest moments of my life! At that point I was anxiously waiting for it to be my turn to use the computer. After about twenty minute of playing games my mom yelled into the kitchen for my sister to allow me a chance on the computer. I sat down and immediately clicked the mouse. I began to click on things that I had no knowledge about. My starting point was on Yahoo games and eventually ended somewhere far away from Yahoo. I quickly realized that the internet truly was a different world.  I could get lost in this “new world” in a matter of minutes.  My first internet experience was one that I will forever enjoy, cherish, and remember.



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