Digital Archive: How Far ESPN Has Come

I am an avid reader of anything sports-related. Reddit threads, niche websites, analytics services, and random blogs all fuel this addiction. However, ESPN is by far the sports source I consistently go back to. Articles are well written, the user interface and appearance of the website is sleek and well-maintained, and news is as current as possible.

Looking back at from January 25, 1999 is a actually not that different. To my eyes, the appearance is dated and clunky (which is understandable, as it’s 15 years old), but the majority of the site hasn’t changed that drastically.

News is still formatted in a similar way, the writing is still high quality, and any new information looks like it would have been “breaking news” for that day in sports. ESPN is a Disney-owned subsidiary, so they have the technical might and know how of one of the largest media organizations in the world to help with web design, consumer-facing content, and marketing, and the website in 1999 reflects that quality.


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