I had a Twitter account for almost five years. I started tweeting in 2009 and I managed to have more than 14000 tweets within the span of five years. That’s 233 tweets per month and that’s an average of seven tweets per day! I remember tweeting 20 to 30 tweets per day while I was in high school. That many tweets may seem ordinary to some people or even “not enough” for people like Perez Hilton, but it sure is a lot to me as I did not only spend time summarizing my thoughts into 140 words, but I also made sure my tweets sounded “cool” before I click “tweet”. There are moments after I clicked “tweet,” and noticed a typo one second later, I would immediately delete that tweet and retype. I would even save it to “drafts,” and alter it again and again until I think it’s good to go. That’s one period of COMM 200 right there. I managed to gain 400 followers, which is enough to make me feel like a celebrity back in the day. Not only did I feel connected, I felt famous!

One thing that I love about Twitter is it connects million of people within the Internet, and the fact that people “follow” you mostly because they love what you have to say in less than 140 words makes it so fascinating! It makes me feel connected to so people at once, and it makes me feel like Ms-Know-It-All. According to Julian Dibbell’s Future of Social Media: Is a Tweet the New Size of a thought? “By forcing users to commit their thinking to the bite-size form of the public tweet, Twitter may be giving a powerfully productive new life to a hitherto underexploited quantum of thought: The random, fleeting observation.” Reading tweets are like reading the synopsis of a movie. Everything is summarized- a two hour-long movie could easily be understood in less than 140 words.

David Mitchell, the award-winning author of Cloud Atlas published his latest short story on Twitter. ( The author submits to twitter straitjacket for 280-tweet tale of boy tripping on Valium.

Furthermore, according to David Silver’s blog post The Difference Between Thin and Thick Tweets, Thin tweets are thin tweets are posts that convey one layer of information. Thick tweets convey two or more, often with help from a hyperlink.” Just like the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” a thick tweet (less than 140 words) worth a thousand words too.A thin tweet, however, contains just one piece of information, and it is widely use by twitterers or former twitterers like myself. 70 percent of my tweets were of thin tweets, and it took me five years to realize that not everybody gives a s**t if I had bacons for breakfast or if I had a bad hair day. Twitter can be VERY useful if people use it right, but not for me… at least not now. I deleted my Twitter account at the beginning of this year because I felt it was taking over my everyday life. However, I made a new account just for this… Let’s see how it goes!

Twitter fail


-Do you have a Twitter account? If yes, do you find it productive? If no, why not?

-Do you think that you can get a message across with just one tweet? If no, why?

-This is me being really curious… If you have a Twitter account, and are constantly posting thin tweets like “Having a bad day!” “Love this dress!! #fashion #topshop (Inserts picture)” etc. Do you think you’re being productive/informative to the Twitter community or at least to your followers?

By Cheryl Joseph


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  1. I really enjoyed reading David Mitchell’s Twitter short story, I thought it was extremely clever! The usage of a new media platform to weave in another older one is very interesting, and goes along with how we respond to accepting and trying out new medias; we use them through the realm of our old media and slowly evolve into what more they can do.

    I began using Twitter in autumn 2013 and have tweeted about 177 times to this day, which I think isn’t as much as some people have on their feeds. I am seriously shocked when I see people who have thousands of tweets, including when I read you had about 14,000. That’s crazy! Most of the time I don’t really use Twitter in a productive way, but slowly I have been using it more for real-time information for an event or for news when I’m on the go.

    I do think it is difficult to get certain messages out in only 140 characters, but that’s the point of the micro-blogging platform. It forces you to concentrate your thoughts into a limited space. This can be seen as a more efficient way of getting information out, or it can also be seen as a dumbing down of society. It has its good and bad qualities, but it depends on how one uses or abuses the platform.

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