Grades are now available on Sakai. Go to Sakai, click on Comm 200, and find the Gradebook in the left hand menu. Grades on Sakai are only meant as a way for me to give you feedback. It is not a total reflection of your overall grade. If you have questions about your overall grade, please contact me.

Blog Posts earn up to 10 points each. You can find a complete rubric on the Blogging Assignment Page.

If you earned a Zero for this post and are confused by that, it’s probably because you did not categorize your post properly, and so I couldn’t find it, and so I considered it not handed in.

This may seem harsh, but I explained in class that I would search for your posts on the class blog by sorting with the Blog Post #X category. I even left a few comments on posts reminding you to update your categories! I explained that this is an essential step in this assignment. You MUST categorize your posts correctly, or else they fall into a black hole where all uncategorized content goes on the web. If you do not use tags and categories appropriately, your content gets lost, cannot be easily found, and as a result may as well not exist. It is a reasonable expectation that if you were reading a blog, and looking for posts on a certain topic, you’d use categories to sort rather than scroll through and skim every single post. Is it a surprise that I do the same?

To learn more about how people seek out information, and how content creators like you keep their work findable, check out Peter Morville’s books Ambient Findability and Interwingled where he describes the importance of keeping found things found, and the interconnectedness of content online. You can also read his blog, Findability.


One-Time Deal

For Blog Post #1, I will cut you some slack. If your earned a zero despite actually posting your assignment on time, go update your categories, and email me the permalink to your post, and I will grade your work. This offer is made on the honor system.