Delving into Thick Tweets

A little over a day ago, I tweeted my two thick tweets so that they would have some time before I looked at them more closely. My first tweet looked at Divvy Bikes. I thought of them because, in a class of mine, we looked at and wrote about their data release and expansion. I actually had trouble thinking of a clear way to tweet about both. I ended up deciding that, if I wanted to provide the link to the data page, tag Divvy, and hashtag the appropriates, I needed split my thought up and focus on only one if the two. I tweeted about the data.
Those who see this tweet can go look at the data themselves and/or visit Divvy’s twitter. They can find the tweet through me, Divvy (especially since Divvy ended up favoriting the tweet not long after I posted it), or the hashtags. The reaction to this tweet was a favorite from Divvy soon after it was posted. I also got a few new followers, but it’s hard to say if that’s the direct cause of this tweet or my second thick tweet.
For my second tweet, I retweeted/quoted a tweet from one of my favorite pages that I follow. I think that they find really clever advertisements. Many of them are very inspirational for me. They also post about things that I feel are a little more PR related. The one I tweeted about dealt with both.

I retweeted, as you can see in the picture, about the airline company KLM. The only thing that Brilliant_ads tends to leave out in their tweets is a tagging of the company that the tweet it about. This is why I tagged both Brilliant_ads and KML. The reader can refer to both. I am also a firm believer in tagging those to whom the credit belongs. I added hashtags so that the tweet can be found that way as well. Also, I felt those hashtags applied. The reaction to this tweet was a few followers. Again, I am not sure which of my two tweets led them to me because I tweeted them both so close together.

I can not speak for everyone but, for myself, I don’t fully agree with Julian Dibbell. Just like The two tweets I posted for this class, I tend to think out just about every tweet. This is the case for my private twitter, professional twitter, and any twitter that I may be working on for a company. Basically, it always seems that I have larger thoughts or stories that I’m trying to fit into a tweet. This tends to be my challenge… That my thoughts are bigger than my tweets. I end up needing to spend time shortening or summarizing so that they will fit at least part of my thought or idea. Also, regarding the class discussion and reading on extensive reading, I think that thick tweets promote this. If someone finds a tweet with a link to a page that they find interesting, they may continue reading on the subject. Let’s say it’s about a new organism discovered, they may refer to the link and read even more beyond that. It may even lead them to a book (online or paper) on the subject.

Written by: Katya Seitz


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