Blog 2 Spector

This was my first time using twitter.  I had never tweeted before this but had seen plenty of people tweet before.  I always thought it is just not for me, why bother. 

 I am a total newbie when it comes to tweeting so figuring out what to hashtag was a new world of its own.  Do I plan on becoming a twitter addict?  No I do not plan on that, unless I become a celebrity of sorts.   

In some ways I guess not tweeting makes you not up to date with the modern world and almost archaic.  One time I asked my roommate “where do you get most of your news?”  He replied “twitter.”  I thought he was joking,  low and behold I found out that twitter was actual a reliable news source.  Even some legitimate people in the news field use twitter.

I find it interesting that “no one has figured out why twitter matters” (Dibbell, 1).  It almost seems as if twitter came out of nowhere. I agree with Dibbell that twitter can not take the place of books.  Books have a readable and structured form.  Tweets can often times be a bunch of randomly paired words, or hashtags.  It feels like with twitter there aren’t many rules, with writing a book there are so many rules.  Also you could not put a whole bunch of tweets into a book and call it a story.

“Thanks to the Internet …we may be reading more than be did in the 1970’s or 80’s” (Carr, 3).  This is referencing that back then tv was the media of choice.  No we use computers and the internet and people post things on social media.  Twitter is limited to 140 characters but someone can tweet the entire day of they want to, ushering multiple to read what they tweeted.

How long do you like the twitter fad while last?

What do you think is next for twitter?



  1. I used to be a Twitter-hater, and now I’m kind of coming around to it, because the thought of being able to get live-action news from citizens, instead of news media (which can be a liiiiittle biased), seems like the future to me. I hope that in the future, Twitter will be able to have some sort of known hashtag that people can use when they are witnesses to a crime, accident, attack, etc. because then news will be able to spread much more quickly and without the filter of news media.

  2. It’s interesting reading about someone else who (just like me) never used Twitter before this class. I feel that Twitter does display a lot of “quick facts” pertaining to what’s occurring in the world, yet it still is nowhere as detailed as a 24 hour news network station. I believe Twitter will be around for probably another ten years until a different form of social media develops. I feel the world is still changing and so will technology. I also believe the next step for Twitter is to change their management structure and become more organized.

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