Blog post 2: Twitter Talk

I have never been a fan of twitter, but like most people in my generation I still gave it a try. Twitter was never that popular at the high school I went to so I never really felt like I was missing out. Then, when I arrived to college freshman year it seemed like everyone had twitter but I still wasn’t drawn to the idea. It seemed pointless to me that people who weren’t celebrities that had something to promote or a fan base to connect to would enjoy hearing all the thoughts that go through an average person’s mind everyday. I always figured if I had a thought that was funny or worth sharing I usually just group messaged it to my friends.

However, Christmas break freshman year one of my friends at home made me a twitter account claiming I would love it and forced me to start tweeting. I did like it at first, it was fun to gain followings and see who all would favorite your tweet and I have to admit some peoples tweets did make me laugh but it didn’t hold my attention for long. My main problem was I never knew what to tweet I still found myself just texting my friends or if I did have something worth sharing on social media I preferred using Instagram or Facebook. I kept my twitter for another year but it transitioned to just being the last form of social media I checked when I was bored and I never tweeted, to then just being a waste of space on my phone, which I deleted in May.

When this assignment came up I was dreading it to be honest because I knew I would have to create a new twitter that I didn’t really want to put my name on. This made me start to think about why I never have been interested in Twitter. I think it comes from two things. The first is that I only ever saw “thin tweets”. As Silver explained the thin tweets I would see would only have one layer of information and nothing to keep my interest for very long. It would only be on a rare occasion that one of my friends would include a link or picture to “thicken” their tweet. I think this is because like Dibbell mentioned in his article is that it is simply hard to create something thought provoking in just 140 characters and because of this twitter lends itself to being more of a site for small daily observations that people share. The other problem I had is I just found Facebook and Instagram more fun and entertaining because of the pictures. I would much rather see the delicious pizza you just ate in a photo and probably get jealous of it than read “I just ate a great pizza”.

On the twitter I created just for this assignment I tried creating my first thick tweet by linking an article from Harpers Bazaar about New York Fashion Week Spring 2015, as well as hash tagging NYFW and of course comm200.

Here is a screenshot of one of my tweets:



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