Getting back on Twitter was not what I expected

My first experience tweeting, happened well over   3 years ago when I first signed up to the website and began following friends and musicians. I didn’t understand it initially because I didn’t see the reason behind why someone would find what I tweet interesting. As I began to follow more and more people I became hooked. Every tweet from my favorite band, every rant I wrote, and every article I retweeted was exciting. I was hooked to the idea that my thoughts and opinions were relevant to someone. My twitter followers began to slowly increase and before I knew it, I went from 10 followers to over 300. That might not seem impressive but for a fairly new person on twitter I felt a slight importance.

Even with this new following and my experience on twitter, I still didn’t quite understand it. In Dibbel’s article, the same questions are asked. What exactly is twitter? Is it a simple form of blogging or is it much more than that? As Twitter began to grow, so did the importance of its 140 characters. Twitter campaigns and celebrities tweeting their opinion on things took a strong hold of how people were influenced. So one day about a year ago, I decided to leave twitter. I deactivated my account and just like that, the social media platform which had taken importance over Facebook was erased from my daily routine. The first couple days I had an itch to get back on and continuously scroll until I found something interesting enough to favorite or retweet. Once I forgot about Twitter, I was back to checking Facebook regularly. I was off Twitter for awhile until my work required me to continuously be on social media.

I never reactivated my personal account but I was still on Twitter constantly. I decided for this assignment I would create a completely new handle where I would try to experience all over again the first tweet.  However, once I was back on twitter everything came back very easily, a sort of muscle memory. I almost immediately retweeted a couple of tweets and followed about 40 people. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I am way too dependent on social media. I find myself learning about breaking news and odd facts through social media accounts I follow.  My question to whoever reads this is “Why do we rely so much on social media? Why do we find ourselves constantly checking our social media accounts for different information and facts that could easily be researched elsewhere? Just some thoughts I came across while checking my twitter feed.

Christian Preciado


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