like an onion, your tweets should have layers



Blackhawks & Bands – Two of my favorite things in the world right there. So naturally those are two of the subjects I referenced in my Tweets. For me, Twitter is a part of everyday life. I post about 10 tweets a day on average, so tweeting isn’t anything new to me. I post a good combination of “thick” and “thin” tweets, as Silver calls them.  Today, I posted two thick tweets with multiple “layers”.


My first was about a show I’m promoting, The Heard and Indigo Sun at Reggie’s, a Chicago venue.  I addressed our class, linked them to The Heard’s twitter, told where they’re playing, when they’re playing, how much tickets are, provided a hyper-link to one of their songs on sound cloud and included hashtags to reach a broader audience. A good seven-layer tweet. (Everyone should come, too. It’s going be a good night out full of good music and good people!)


comm reggies

The second tweet was on the Chicago Blackhawks. I linked to the Blackhawk’s twitter page, informed my followers of when preseason starts, included a link of their schedule for this year, and included hashtags. This tweet included four layers of information. And I hope it got some of you excited for hockey season to start, because I know I sure am! LET’S GO HAWKS!



I don’t even know how I got so addicted to twitter. Dibbell’s article touching on why we microblog really got me to start thinking about it. When I first heard of Twitter back in 9th grade, I remember thinking “Wow, that’s so pointless it seems. Who wants to read about what someone’s doing 24/7?” That was before Twitter became a big thing. Next thing I knew, everyone was getting a Twitter and, since it was the popular thing to do, I did as well. Now, I am a fanatic. Twitter may have started out as a mindless social tool for me, but now as it has (and I have) evolved, I can see that it is a great tool that, when used right, can have a great impact. It’s a fantastic way to get information as well as give information. I myself use Twitter as a tool for my work: promoting. I promote shows and bars and a good 75% of my work involves social media. Sure, there are a lot of trash tweets out there as Shirky says, but there is also a lot of good, bountiful information being conveyed out there on the web as well. You have to take the good with the bad. I think that if my generation and the generations after mine can steer the use of social media in the right direction, we are in for a whole new era of information transformation that can really lead to great new things. The internet leads to more information and information is power (used correctly, of course!)


Here’s one article I found helpful, outlining “5 Ways to Use Twitter for Good”-


What do you think, is this digital revolution helpful or detrimental for society? What are some of your personal experiences with the digital revolution and how has it helped or hindered you?


Helena Mierzwa


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  1. I am so glad that for you, and for a lot of people, Twitter has evolved into a good tool for promoting and sharing useful information quickly. However for those who do not know how to use this fabulous medium correctly, it can be very disastrous to their self image. I think that many of the “trash tweets” Shirky refers to are coming from people who can not distinguish personal and professional tweets. There are just too many of people who can not distinguish the difference and it is these people who are making it hard for Shirky to enjoy Twitter.

    I keep thinking of the phrase, “with great power comes great responsibility.” This line from Peter Parker’s grandfather that remains ever so true today. Not everyone can handle the power of social media but without restricting the use of it we are left with both the good and the bad implications of this medium. So we must dig for the good.

    Great post, you made me think today.

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