Still not on the Twitter Wagon

I tried very hard to read Julian Dibbell’s article, “Future of Social Media: Is a Tweet the New Size of a Thought?”, with as little bias as I could. I am a part of the population that still “doesn’t understand twitter” and why we need it. Creating a twitter account for this assignment was a simple process but made me feel empty inside. I am not trying to be melodramatic but the lack of content, meaning, and “umph” in the twitter-sphere is incredibly unappealing.

Dibbell argues that the very existence of Twitter and its new form of writing is comparable to the medium of the book. There are multiple types of writing styles, I agree. But, to say Twitter will become widely accepted as the norm for society is similar to saying that climate change doesn’t exist- it just isn’t true.

I may come off very jaded about Twitter but I don’t feel anchored to it. The informality of it makes everything seem meaningless. The subject of thick and thin tweets may add some dimension to tweets but it doesn’t change the indifference I have towards it. As I tried to compose a “thick tweet”, I struggled to add layers to a statement I could only make in 140 character or less. I need more characters to tweet about the referendum vote in Scotland. I don’t even think my tweet made sense:


I do recognize that some people love Twitter, of which they have a right to do. I just am not on the Twitter Wagon, and don’t hope to be. The power of twitter may gain momentum through the years and make some changes in the world. But, I know I will be exploring and existing in different social media realms and out in the real world for the rest of my life.



Dana D’Onofrio


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