That Tweet Is Deep

When I first started to use Twitter, I was a senior in high school and my tech savvy friends told me about this new form of social media that allowed us to post a small fragment of our thoughts immediately. To be honest, I thought the concept was irrelevant and didn’t see the point of it until it grew in popularity as is a pattern with most social media.

The first experience I had with thick tweets was when I started to begin to follow bands or any other media famous person. They would tweet a small blurb and then include a link to either their new song or whatever they were trying to self-promote. Because I was interested in what they had to say, I would connect with other followers using the hashtag they created.

When developing a thick tweet of my own, I took a thin (and what I considered at the time witty) tweet to dive deeper into.

This was tweeted about two weeks ago after I saw one of my favorite deep house DJs.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 7.46.45 PM

Those that weren’t with me at that moment don’t know who I saw or anything else other than I really liked it at the time. From this tweet, one could gather that I generally like house music but wouldn’t know where to begin if they wanted to listen to a song in the genre.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 7.56.56 PM

When building a thick tweet I decided that I would include a link of the music that I’m so interested in and tag the artist in the tweet itself. This leads interested followers to click on the link bringing awareness to my twitter for those interested in this type of music as well as publicity to the DJ, in this case Marc Kinchen.

My argument about this thin or thick tweet controversy is about whether or not the content matters and how “deep” does it need to be. Some would argue that the music I like is irrelevant and doesn’t provide any extra thought as a thick tweet should. I would argue, however, that because I connected my followers with a link and the artist and used a hashtag, those interested in music at all will feel the urge to click on it and dive deeper into this genre. Thought was put into this tweet, for example what song I choose and the media outlet I choose to link it with (Soundcloud).

I’d like to think, as many of us would, that every time I tweet, the information I put out there is thick but arguably 75% of my twitter feed is constantly thin tweets featuring my daily one sentence thoughts. This tweet has the ability to create conversation and this is how I want to begin to focus on tweeting and eliminate the thin.


One comment

  1. The majority of my tweets are thick. I think that they provide more interaction with followers, the people or group involved in the tweet, and people who may be interested. Also, I wanted to tell you that I like your title.

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