The Twitter Old-Timer

Tweeting is nothing new or unusual for me. I tend to click my twitter button about every two hours. At times I may just click it because I’m bored, but once I click that blue bird icon I’m most likely going to tweet something. No telling what the tweet will be about, but there will something being posted! At times my tweets aren’t always “thick tweets.”


Thick tweets: tweets that include more than one layer of information.


Sometimes I tweet how I’m feeling or sometimes I may just tweet song lyrics of the most recent music that I’d been blaring in my ears while sitting on the bus. For example, lately I’ve been tweeting Jhene Aiko song lyrics from her new album Souled Out. At times I go back and delete tweets because I ask myself “what was the point of that?” I have a bad habit of tweeting and not thinking before I post. This is something that I’m still working on, and I know I need much more improvement.


I’ve noticed that I truly don’t have many “thick tweets.” I don’t send out much information and the tweets I do send out are often short. After reading a couple articles about twitter I realized that my twitter is somewhat pointless. I’m wasting time because I’m not taking advantage of the 140 characters that I get. Instead I often, probably use up to 60-70 characters.

After doing this assignment I’ve realized that I should use my tweets for good actions. Yes, it’s alright to tweet song lyrics and hilarious pictures that I find on the web. But more “thick tweets” need to be thrown into my daily routine on twitter. Tweet things that can be beneficial and give out information when needed.

I really enjoyed this assignment, because it opened my eyes toward my poor twitter habits and tweets!

comm 200



  1. I think it’s kind of interesting that you say you Tweet often but don’t use “thick-tweets,” while I am a very shy “tweeter” but while going through my past Tweets, I realized that I do tend to add pictures to my tweets more often than just text… It’s probably because I am more of an Instagram-er than a Tweeter

  2. You mentioned that this assignment really opened your eyes about pointless tweets and I can honestly say that I am the biggest abuser, or used to be. I deleted my account a long time ago but then got a new one and I’m pretty sure the people that follow me don’t really know what I’m talking about most of the time. This assignment made me realize that I need to get my act together and need to seem intelligent on the internet.

  3. I think I agree with your post more than any other post. I agree with just about everything you said, and I, too, agree that I need to up my “thick tweet” game because as fun as it is posting countless hilarious funny pictures or overheard conversations, I need to input some knowledge in my tweets and become more cultured.

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