Thinking of Twitter in A Different Light, While Still Under 140 Characters

This week’s readings made me feel as though I may have been misusing Twitter for the 4 years I’ve had it, due to the main reason I didn’t want to get Twitter in the first place: using Twitter as a thought box. For some time now, random things will pop up in my head and I tend to think “Oh, that’s so tweetable.” Yes, I realize tweetable isn’t a word. But what about all the articles I read a day? And all the sources and material I come across and that other people could also find beneficial or interesting? It’s funny that it took reading Silver’s “The difference between thin and thick tweets” to make me realize how petty and insignificant my past tweets have been. And that most are practically inside jokes with myself. And it took Silver to make me realize that other people really don’t care.

Now that I’m studying journalism it is a lot more logical to be using Twitter as a way of marketing ideas, and sharing conversation-starting pieces. And in many ways Silver explains his “thick tweets” much like we write our leads. You put the meatier more detailed and layer-heavy information first. A tweet acting as a lead is a lot more noteworthy than a tweet talking about how I have a sudden urge for a donut (yes, I actually did tweet that, but I used an Emoji, so it’s different…)

And I think that when you look at Twitter as a source for information and a quick and easy way to be directed to many links and sources you can justify the site as stimulating. Referring to Shirky’s “Does the Internet Make You Smarter?” I think there are always going to be the occasional Facebook updates, and “cottage cheese tweets” but the Internet also challenges the way I think daily, it’s a big resource for where I get my information and I think without it I wouldn’t have the best accessibility to the information.

Here’s the screenshots to my “thick” tweets:Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.44.59 PM


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