There are currently 171,475 words in the Oxford English Dictionary and trying to only use 140 characters in a tweet seems ridiculous to me. I was forced to create a twitter last April by a friend who is an avid tweeter. She started the hash tag #JestelleNeedsATwitter and after months of arguing I finally made one. Being a reserved person I did not like the idea of having details of my life made public knowledge. I already had a Facebook and did not see the point in having another social media account. In the five months I have had my twitter I have only posted 44 tweets, I follow 44 people and only have 36 followers, which is kind of pathetic. Looking over my tweets most of them are inside jokes between my friends and are only favorited by the people or person involved.

When thinking about what thick tweets I wanted to post, I thought I should make it something more generalized. I rarely tweet but I do follow quite a few funny meme accounts and enjoy scrolling through them whenever I have time. The crying Kim Kardashian meme is one of my all time favorites and I felt it described perfectly my feelings at the time. I posted my first thick tweet on Thursday night, a night when most college students are out at a bar enjoying thirsty Thursday. Unlike me who spent my night catching up on homework in the library. Two chai lattes down and hiding in the sacks I was feeling hopeless that my assignments would never get done. upon posting I instantly got 3 favorites and even a retweet which is a lot compared to what I am use to, it gave me a sense of hope that I was not the only person struggling. While I am still not twitters biggest fan, I do see me usage increasing as I get more comfortable composing tweets

photo.PNG     photo.PNG copy

Jestelle Irizarry


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