#Twitter #OMG #Lessismore

To be quite honest, this was one of the hardest assignments I have had to do (a bit of an exaggeration but it was a challenge!). Now, writing was not the challenge at all, but rather having to create a Twitter account and to TWEET was!  I never truly understood the purpose of it and what satisfaction one would get from tweeting something so petite. Another thing that kind of stopped from ever creating a Twitter was that many of my friends that had it only used it to update dumb things like “I am eating pizza. #thegoodlife #pizza  #OMG”. It just had no meaning to me and that heavily influenced me.

The assignment required us to make it and still skeptical of it all, I made one. At first, it truly had too much going on and it turned me off. I stepped away from it and didn’t go back until I after I got out of work and then decided to go back on it. I was still not feeling it but I gave it a shot and actually created and filled out my whole profile (not done still, but it’s a process.)! Soon, things started to jive smoothly and I got a somewhat hang of it; being able to follow major companies, famous individuals, and also my friends.  The real task soon started to loom by: YOU NEED TO TWEET AND NOTHING TRIVIAL! I was a bit confused on what exactly it needed to be (no direction, just whatever you please) and that was a bit hard since I didn’t know what but soon I focused on my recent study abroad trip to Italy and boom CREATIVITY.  But that is not the worst part of it all.

140 CHARACTERS!!! What is that?! That truly did affect me a lot since I do love to express myself a lot. It was a hassle; I kid you not, I spent a good 25 minutes trying to shorten the large novel I had written into something Twitter appropriate. Numerous cuts on words, spacing, and an occasional “I GIVE UP” but I pushed through and finally got my first tweet up (with the help of David Silver): https://twitter.com/SergioD325/status/512463946910298112

Now, my opinions on Twitter have shifted but I am still not too keen on it. It just doesn’t seem to come naturally to me and it still has negative views in my mind, but what I will say is that I do give it credit where it is do. Twitter has focused on having one express oneself within a limit; this helps to utilize and ponder what words will help to express yourself and message in clean, clear, and concise way. Words are essential and need to be really good because once that limit is reached, you have to go back and think about it. Something that really captured my attention and kind of gave that realization about Twitter was what Julian Dibbell said in his piece. “And just so, too, by forcing users to commit their thinking their thinking to the bite-size form of the public tweet, Twitter may be giving a powerfully productive new life to a hitherto underexploited quantum of thought: The random, fleeting observation” (Dibbell).  He speaks the truth in which tweets are about anything and come from anyone; some of them are really random thoughts with no significant meaning , but then there are others that hold much more that what is on the surface (due to it having a hyperlink or perhaps even some creative hash tags).

Twitter in all, has its true tweet masters who praise it and cherish it for what it has to offer. It allows one to express oneself by being able to share with the masses and not boring them at the same time… well, at least sometimes. The complexity of it has certainly increased in the sense that one must think extremely carefully on what goes where (everything else is pretty much set by someone else).  Twitter is a key factor in the social media realm and holds much weight regardless of the little tweets it may give off. I will try to keep up with it; not guaranteed but it was fun to think of 140 meaningful characters. I know now that truly, #lessismore and being concise is struggle but can be a quite beautiful and captivating way to express yourself.   

By: Sergio Valenzuela 



  1. The biggest struggle that I found too while tweeting was the 140 characters limit. I had to choose every word very carefully and it was hard to cut words but still have the message you wanted to get across. How people do that on a regular basis I have no idea but I certainly have a new found respect for them.

  2. I agree with your point of the word limit. The 140 character limit is both a positive and negative. Of course with this limit one can’t say everything they wish in one tweet, but because of this one must form, organize, and pick charged words that gets the points across. This limit helps tweeters get right to the point so readers can read, absorb the information, and decide if they wish to explore it more.

  3. I had the same reaction when I created my twitter account. It took me forever to think of the ‘perfect’ tweet. I had to kind of laugh with myself because I was thinking way too hard which in a way ruined the tweet for me. However, I do agree with you on the fact that the 140 character limit can help you be clear and concise with your thoughts.

  4. I’ve always been a concise writer and get endless frustrated with papers and essays with ultra long requirements. If I can say it in 4 why must I add fluff to get my paper to be 6 pages? In a way, the 140 character cut off is what I’ve always wanted… it’s pretty extreme though.

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