Using Twitter, And The Rest Of The Internet, To Your Advantage

Does the Internet actually make you smarter? That’s a question asked by many, and I believe that the Internet most certainly has the capability of making us smarter if it is used in the right way. The freedom of the Internet allows us to create what we want and disregard what we want, so it is up to us whether or not we use the Internet to our advantage. Although the Internet changes the way we think and can lead to jumping around quickly from article to article, page to page, not taking the time to really dwell on a subject, it is also a very powerful tool in which we have full control over. Shirky and Carr debate whether the Internet is the downfall of our intelligence due to causing a lack of attention span. Carr voices an opinion in which I agree with, that human expression itself has changed along with the introduction of the Internet, but that doesn’t necessarily lessen the intelligence of humanity.

Due to my experience with “thick” tweeting, I am reaffirmed that the Internet has full capabilities of making us smarter- not more stupid. There is an abundance of information all over the web that can be found and used to our advantage. The Internet is a free domain in which we can research and discover and write- and all of that can lead to great discoveries and an increase in knowledge.

I typically use the Internet every day, and I often do things that wouldn’t exactly be considered to have increased my intelligence; such as reading my twitter feed, yet I also use it every day to keep up with the news all around the world. Websites such as Yahoo or Msn have wide varieties of information and keep their readers up to date on the most important information of the day. The most wonderful thing about the Internet is that it is a free tool. It can be used however anyone decides to use it. There are endless opportunities for entertainment, knowledge, research, creativity, and so much more. With all of this freedom, of course we are going to learn- but we’re also going to have fun, and maybe watch a lot of Netflix while doing so.


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  1. I agree that the internet brings us great freedom. But to each his own on how to exercise their right of freedom on the internet. Indeed I wish all people could use the internet wisely.

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