Aesthetic Revolution

At first I wanted to track Facebook’s website history. I thought what better website to visit than the one I’ve been familiar with since high school? However, I gave up when it continuously led me to this page after multiple attempts to browse the website’s history. I guess that’s first hand evidence that I don’t know as much about the Internet as I thought I did (or as most people think). When it displayed “Page cannot be crawled or displayed due to robots.txt.” (I have no idea what this sentence means) in bold, red letters, I felt as lost as my parents probably do when it comes to simple Internet navigation.

But in the midst of trial and error I decided to switch gears and visit Disney Channel’s website instead – aka my personal online Bible when I was in elementary school. I remember spending most of my online time playing games, taking personality quizzes, and reading more about my favorite Disney Channel show characters. Since I haven’t visited the website in years, I began with the most recent screen shot from September 9, 2014.



Not only has the website changed completely since my last viewing, but it displayed a spinoff of one of my favorite childhood shows, Boy Meets World (such a throwback!). I’m surprised to see how modern a children’s website can be. Even within seven months Disney altered its navigation bar, which seemed to revolutionize the website’s vibe. It’s interesting to observe the small aesthetic transformations Disney utilizes to maintain its contemporary theme. The screen shot below was taken on February 21, 2014.


As I continued to browse Disney’s history and compare its changes to The Evolution of the Web I noticed that as browsers developed, so did Disney’s website. From April 2011 to just two months later, browsers’ visual appearance changed dramatically.



It’s interesting to note how the visual effects of browsers and websites change (more or less) simultaneously and how these visuals are beginning to emulate clean, sleek, and simple aesthetics.


Christine Chu


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