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Growing up I always considered myself a pen and paper kind of guy. I loved writing letters. One of my favorite feelings in the world was getting a new letter from my family or friends. As time moved on, however, my life got busier and I found less time to write letters to my close friends. This was pretty tough for me, considering one of my best friends Rupa had moved away. We wanted to keep in touch, but letters took too much time to write and too long to reach their destinations. At this point I was in the 6th grade. My mom suggested that we use an AOL account to keep in touch. Now, back then I thought the computer was a magic box full or mysteries and was just too complicated to truly understand. One of my first memories of using the Internet was setting up an AOL account. I remember how amazing it was to pick my own username, so naturally I picked something along the line of Jmoney1234. After setting up the account and adding my friend Rupa, I sent out my first e-mail. Minutes later I got a response and I was in total shock! It felt the same as getting a new letter; only it was instant and much more convenient. The accessibility to my friends who lived far away is what really drew me into the Internet. The major aspect of new media that I saw in my AOL account was the freedom of it and how personalized it could be. It was so unique because anyone could make an account and it was so comforting knowing that I could still stay connected to my friends. Even today, I still keep in touch with all my friends that live far away via email, so while the media is a growing entity, some things just never change!


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