Digital Literacy Test: Can I Find You?

One of the most basic literacy skills is categorization. Without this element, whatever you’ve created will go to the dreaded “Uncategorized” section of the Internet, the library, and never access the reader’s mind. Being able to accurately and descriptively categorize what you have created is one of the most essential skills a human being in the 21st century must know.

Categorization is the act of sorting and organizing things according to group, class, or, as you might expect, category. This noun is very similar in meaning to “assortment,” “classification,” and “compartmentalization.” This is from the first result Google shows. They have categorized definitions, posts, and other relevant areas, and this was the best example of the category “categorization.”

To successfully categorize something, you must know what it is. For example, a blog post should be categorized for its content, author, date, and all of the relevant tags that the content mentions, explains, or discusses in any detail. However, these tags must be relevant. Tagging every single thing that you discuss means you will have a string of words, instead of a clear description of what your content actually is.

The easiest way to test someone’s categorization skills would be via a blog post. If the reader can blog about something, anything, tag/categorize it, and then find the post using an organic Google search (it may have to be a little more targeted than just a random search), the reader would have the basic idea of categorization down.

The next step would be a discussion about SEO, but that comes in a more detailed discussion. Basic understanding of how to tag content is an incredibly important digital literacy skill, and should be honed through practice and more practice.


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