The Evolution of Communication

Text messaging has become a very popular line of communication over the years. I can’t think of one person that I know who doesn’t have a cellphone that doesn’t send text messages. In the past the more common way to communicate was through phone calls or face to face, but things have definitely changed. The Dystopian viewpoint wouldn’t agree with the idea of text messaging. Communication is important, and the most important part of communication is the relationship that gets gained through the process. Are people really getting that true relationship that they could be gaining if they were to hear someone’s voice, or see someone’s face? Dystopian viewpoint would immediately say, no! Not getting that face to face communication can truly affect a relationship in a negative way. For example, someone could think that you were mad in a text message, when you actually have a huge smile on your face! Small things such as punctuation can change the entire dynamic of the conversation. Someone could take a simple exclamation point in the wrong way. Face to face communication is important and is a must at times. Texting can be seen as a Utopian viewpoint. That is because it seems to be a very proficient and relaxed way to communicate. People are communicating, but they are allowed to communicate at their own pace. In a face to face conversation you can’t sit and think about what you want to say. You are forced to immediately respond, because you are in the presence of the person. If you were texting, the conversation would be more relaxed and you wouldn’t seem pressed for time to respond. If someone wasn’t sure how to respond they could take their time gathering their answer or comment, making a “perfect response” in their eyes. Our technology is changing daily. At times I enjoy this, but I don’t always think it’s a good idea. I can admit that my communication skills have gotten worse, because I’m not having phone call conversations or face to face conversations. I send hundreds of text a day, and may have three conversations a day through a phone call. I definitely have a better relationship with those people (family) that I’m calling daily rather than those I’m only texting. Maybe my friendships would be steadier if I had more face to face conversations or phone call conversations. I think I’m going to give that a try!




  1. Text messaging has the ability to save and take lives. The ultimate Utopian/ dystopian break. Consider texting and driving accidents which can kill the driver, the passengers, and pedestrians. Conversely, the ability to text to 911 and talk to an emergency responder can save countless lives.

  2. I like how you mentioned the lack of tone that text messages can have. Sometimes it is hard to detect whether or not someone is using sarcasm or just joking around. Texting is an easy way to communicate but it also lacks the social cues/patterns that we can see in face-to-face or on-the-phone conversations. Texting is efficient and I do not think it is a bad thing but I also think it is important to make sure it is not the only way you communicate with others.

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