Automatic Downloads – Ella Henning

One technology I find interesting is the automatic download. A few weeks ago, when Apple announced their new line of products, they also had another surprise for iTunes holders: U2’s new album. People were up in arms over the situation, pissed that Apple had downloaded the album to their iTunes without their consent and also angry that they were unable to un-download it. Apple later released a statement explaining the process of getting rid of the album for users who did not want it.

I’d like to start by saying that I thought the whole uproar over the U2 album was a little ridiculous. Yeah, the fact that you couldn’t originally delete it from your iTunes is kind of annoying, but really? Is it that big of a deal? Apple has been found to use child labor in their production of their phones but they cross the line the moment they give everyone a free U2 album? Bono isn’t THAT bad.

Rant aside, it does sort of freak me out that Apple has the ability to automatically download things to peoples’ phones. Even apps you’ve chosen to download already will automatically update themselves. In a utopian society, never again will you have a little red number 23 next to your app store button signifying the number of apps you need to update, the problem takes care of itself. You have the access to the most updated and recent technology, and you don’t even have to lift a finger to update it.

In a dystopian society, I think it’d be a little scarier. You have no control over what Apple/anyone else chooses to download to your phone, and you may be unable to get rid of it. It could be spyware or other technology you didn’t originally want on your phone, and you may have no idea that its there.



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