“Compose new Tweet”: Literacy in the Digital Era

Twitter's iconic "blue bird" logo.

Twitter’s iconic “blue bird” logo.

Twitter is a multinational, powerful social networking platform with hundreds of millions of dedicated users. Everyone from firefighters to celebrities, and corporations to your grandmother uses Twitter for news, venting, and even promotions. But in order to join this community of tweeters, a certain amount of literacy is required – and this is no where stated on Twitter’s website. Reading and writing tweets is a digital literacy skill, or the ability to compose thoughts in 140 characters or less in an attempt to communicate information, and absorb the information present to achieve one’s goals in society. 

Reading and writing requires skills such as, but not limited to:

  1. Searching, comprehending and using non-continuous texts or images.
  2. Composing thoughts in 140 characters or less
  3. Basic knowledge of web browsing and site mapping
  4. Shortening links to include in tweets
  5. Adding images from a location on your computer
  6. Understanding the vernacular of Twitter

These are some of the basic necessities Twitter – and basically any social networking platform – (unofficially) requires in order to read and write Tweets.

In order to test your ability to compose a meaningful tweet in 140 characters or less, you should be able to comment on this post, comprehend this post, and shorten the following paragraph to 140 characters or less using your reactions or thoughts.

“California is the most wonderful place to visit because of its variety of weather and its beautiful nature. (subject development) Visitors to California can find any weather they like. They can find cool temperatures in the summer; also they can find warm weather in the winter. They can find places that are difficult for humans to live in the summer because they are so hot. Or they can find places closed in the winter because of the snow. On the other hand, visitors can find the nature they like. They can find high mountains and low valleys. Visitors can find a huge forest, a dead desert, and a beautiful coast.(summary sentence) So California is the most wonderful place to visit because of its weather and nature.

Test out reading tweets and composing them on twitter.com, and explore the world of a truly networked social platform.


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