Disconnected from society

New technology has become a main topic in today’s news stories. The idea is implemented into our minds that new technology will change our lives for the better. The utopian idea is that new technology will help us live a better life by giving us instant communication and gratification. Many people have taken this idea and made it truth. There are consumers who strictly live there lives through their new technology devices. For instance, I have a friend who will not for any reason leave without her iPhone. If she is out where she doesn’t get any service, she feels disconnected and anxious. The idea that technology is the cure to our problems has led to the argument that it has continued to ruin our lives.


The dystopian idea is that new technology has done nothing but take us to an era where consumers are discommunicated from reality and the people around us. New technology has become more important to people than their families. For example, consumers are willing to wait in line for days just for a phone. In reality, this new phone won’t drastically change anyone’s lives, but it has become an essential part in peoples lives.

Social media is a big proponent in fueling the utopian as well as dystopian idea. Social media gives users the ability to connect from distant locations. However, it also has become an addiction for users who have only known to communicate through Facebook or twitter. Social media is not a bad thing, but the way people use it has become a problem. Many communication problems have arisen because people are used to shortening their sentences, abbreviating, and relying on these social media sites to communicate. People would rather text or tweet to someone than give them a phone call.

I can see this disconnect almost everywhere in my daily life. For example, at my internship many interns find it difficult to make phone calls to clients. They explain that they don’t know what to say when a client Is on the phone. The art of conversation for many people has become cut short and uninteresting. I feel particularly lucky that throughout my past internships and jobs I was required to communicate with people on a daily basis. I personally don’t find it difficult to communicate but many people do.

New technology has disconnected many but at the same time has given the opportunity for people all over the world to communicate. It can be seen through both a utopian and dystopian point of view with plenty of examples to prove both.

-Christian Preciado



  1. I totally agree! I know at my first job, all the new employees found it hard to make calls because they felt that they didn’t have much to say. The art of conversation is definitely becoming a lost one and this may prove to be harmful for some. Great post!

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