There is nothing I find more complicated than picking the right filter for an Instagram photo. I, along with many of my peers, find this decision to be a lot more difficult than necessary. In the grand scheme of things, it seems very frivolous to spend 5 minutes debating between Walden and Lo-Fi, however, it has become a large part of our social media culture.

In a way, Instagram is a great resource to quickly and easily connect with others. Most celebrities, stores, companies, etc. have Instagram accounts, which makes it an effortless line of communication. Users enjoy scrolling through their feeds and seeing what others post. While I’m somewhat ashamed to admit it, I follow most of the Kardshian clan on Instagram and I love that I get a glimpse into their worlds every time they post a photo.

Although this is one of the benefits of Instagram, many users become obsessed with how their online presence is perceived. Oftentimes, Instagram-ers feel a certain level of gratification when they reach X number of likes or when they get a few new followers. In my own friend group, for example, we always tell one another to “like” our pictures and consult one another when finding the right captions. Although that seems like a shallow thing to do, it is not uncommon among my generation, because naturally, most people care at least a tiny bit about what others think of them.

Relating to the readings, I definitely see how Instagram has altered what is valued in American culture. People have started using Instagram likes and followers to gauge their self-worth, which can be very destructive. So, although Instagram is a utopia in that it’s an easy way to connect with others, it’s also very much a dystopia because it makes people so reliant on and obsessed with Instagram posts instead of the real world.


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