Media Diet Proposal COMMENTS

Friday 26 September: I am looking at your Media Diet Project proposals. Check Sakai for comments on your proposals. If by tomorrow morning you have received no comments in Sakai regarding your proposal, assume I think it is fine, and proceed with your project as planned.



If you earned a 0/1 for the Media Diet Tracking assignment listed on Sakai’s gradebook, check your link on the class website!  Make sure your link is to the front facing page of your site, and not your dashboard! I can’t get to your site from your personal login dashboard! A failure to link your site properly is the equivalent of the dog eating your homework.



If your link is correct, but you still earned a 0/1 for the Media Diet Tracking assignment listed on Sakai’s gradebook, you are about to fall seriously behind in this assignment that is worth a good portion of your final grade for the class. Catch up immediately and email me as soon as you do. Your grade will reflect the lateness of your work. If you do not hand in the first step of the assignment before the next portion is due on Oct 3, you may not earn credit for this project, and you should consider dropping the course before Oct 31 (when your transcript will show “Withdrawn-Failing”). You cannot pass this class without completing this project.