My Kim K Reality


This past summer I spent my days at my internship at an Ad/PR firm at home. While I had the occasional exciting activity, most of my work revolved around answering phones and getting coffee in between my doodling. That is until the release of the Kim K Hollywood app game happened. I first heard of it when I saw my friend playing it, and while I love the Kardashians I still proclaimed that the game lookedcompletely pointless and stupid. Then one day while I was bored at work I thought why not just try it. I became completely addicted. I now came home and got to tell my parents that I went to several photo-shoots and did an ad campaign today……on my Kim K game.

For those of you who have never played the game you essentially make a fabulous avatar of yourself then do different tasks that involve just pushing buttons to become better friends with  Kim and ultimately reach A-list status. The tasks have to be completed in a set amount of time and require energy to do so, which you have limited supply of. Therefore you have to stay on top of the game at all times if you want to get anywhere.

While this app is a very simplified version of what other avatar games are out there such as, The Sims and other full time consuming sites, it still gives you a sense of augmented reality. Augmented realities are utopias while in the game you get to create the perfect life with no real consequences or real money. I even could interact with my real life friends in the game and often while we were all hanging out we would catch ourselves all checking in on our tasks at the same time. Out of the game, it is a dystopia. Its fun to escape from our own reality which wedo with many things such as the game, movies and books. It’s a scary path to think that because of technology we can create these ideal avatars of ourselves and perfect worlds to live in that could potentially consume all our time in the virtual reality.

Once I finally reached the A-list I decided to delete the game off my phone, it was fun while it lasted but I am not trying to seek out other avatar/augmented reality type games. It got me thinking that since we already live double lives as it is with the way we present ourselves online with social media versus our real daily lives, what if avatars and virtual realities got so far that they combined with social media and humans spent the majority of their time on their online self rather than their real self.


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