Social Networking….. Friend or Foe

I truly think social networks are beneficial, and creates a utopian in our society. Think about it all the different people and groups we can continue to keep in contact with and see and share whats going on with each other’s lives. There is your hometown friends, family members, college friends, classmates, teammates, sorority sisters, colleagues, acquaintances, mutual friends, and random strangers met in bars. It helps us keep connected where ever we are. As well it is an excellent strategy for marketing for events, causes, etc.

The dystopia aspect of social media is it the surface “fakeness”or “shallowness.” Social media is missing a certain genuinely. It is true you that one can contact thousands of people on social media, but one can also portray themselves as anyway they want to be. Social media is filled with filters, edits, hashtags, likes, favorites, locations, etc. I’ve done it. You can make the most heinous, sweaty, pale, picture of yourself look like a million bucks. I call it the media makeover, let’s be real no one whats to see themselves in a unflattering light. Likewise with post, or pictures, users are going to be posting pictures of them having fun, and doing cool things such as traveling, exploring, trying new restaurants, going out with friends, attending a sporting events etc. You’re only posting yourself at your best, which might not necessarily your most true self. This is similar with likes or favorites or retweets. The more you get of them, the popular or the more friends you might have. You can now actually BUY FOLLOWERS aka buy your friends to get more like our your posts. For users the more likes or favorites you get the cooler the photo is, so if a photo has a lot of likes the user automatically believes that the photo is cool, without much thought or personal opinion.That is the epitome of ingenuine.

Again I feel that our society as overall benefited from social media, and that is completely changed our society. At this point I think it would be very difficult for our society to function without it.



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