Social Utopia or Dystopia?

Social networking is the version of the internet utopia. On this database, we are able to share information with everyone and they are able to spread the same information which can lead to a dystopia like cyber-bullying. Also, because our information is easy access, we, in a way, have also become much more vulnerable to the world. Nothing is private. There isn’t an exclusive club unless you pay a hefty price “Social network for rich people costs $9,000 to join”, where certain information is shared, where you only communicate with a certain type and certain group of people. Otherwise, the social network is a free for all.

I was on Myspace the other day just to see how much has changed. Because I, now regrettably, deleted my account a long time ago, I had to log into my sister’s account. I was in for surprise. When I visited the page, I realized that it has become a music site where successful and emerging bands can advertise themselves. Myspace, for as long as I can remember, has always been a good platform for bands to make a name, but now it has become strictly that. So, I nostalgically access her account to see what inspired her to make the choices of what would become her layout. I did not realize at the time, we were actually learning how to code. I felt so cool! However, not only did the welcoming page layout change, but the whole layout of the site changed. When I got to her home screen, there was no personalized layout. There was no song of your latest favorite band, playing in the back ground. Instead, I come across a generic layout, which through further exploring, is the layout for everyone. There isn’t a change layout button…what the hell happened? I think what made myspace to special is the fact that you could personalize it. Now, it has become the Facebook of music. The information we send has variety, but otherwise all the networks we join now, remain the same like in this Big Brother clip. Now we have to pay if we want something different from the rest.


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