Spector Blog 3

I feel with social media it can be viewed as utopian or dystopian.  It can be utopian because one can reinvent his/herself.  When it first came on the scene social media was seen as a never ending possibility of connecting to people.  You had new ways to keep up with friends or make new ones.  The possibilities seemed endless.  Post a picture and status and allow thousands of people to see it.  Find out what all your friends are doing on twitter or facebook.  Social media can also be utopian because it can be seen as a way for one to reinvent his/herself.  You can be anyone you want on the internet.  You may be the shy guy who is too afraid to talk to that girl you have a crush on in public, but on facebook or twitter you can present yourself as strong and confident to your potential suitor.  It also was great for people to follow their idols like athletes, politicians, actors, and musicians.  It is also utopian because twitter created a new and limitless language for many.  People also got new career opportunities out of social media.  Every company who wants to be talked about created a social media page and they often times need multiple people to manage their social media.  Social media became a new way to promote yourself, service, or ideals. 

Social media can be seen as dystopian as well.  It can be a great time waster.  Some people can spend hours on end on social media.  With social media cyber bullying occurred, which could cause great emotional harm.  Also negative rumors could also spend a lot faster with social media, causing greater harm to the subject of the rumors.    Social media can become so habitual in someone’s life that whenever they gain a free moment they hope into their social media accounts immediately and tune everything else out.   

How do you see social media evolving in the future?

Do you see it is a destructive force for young kids?


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