The New Smartphone


The older and older I become the more I seem to forget the world with limited technology of my early youth. I forget about those nights curled into bed with a good book, those mornings waking up to an incredibly loud analog alarm clock and playing outside with pieces chalk and rocks, which made a fantastic game of hop-scotch. The older I become I do however; think of a future like the one depicted in movie IRobot. My point here is to say that we are becoming the same utopian society depicted in this movie.

Now picture a society where there are no longer smartphones. The idea itself is now a distant memory for those old enough to remember those days. The new smartphone is a device that is implanted into everyone’s brain. This microchip allows its people to use their brain as if it were a smartphone. They can call, record, surf the web, and access social media solely on the power of their minds.

Is this the next step for new media?Microchip

If so there are some obvious utopian implications here. For starters, this device would create a world where people have the power to access the Internet while using a completely hands free device, and children would literally have the ability to learn new languages and other basic information at a rapid pace.

However the negative implications of this idea, for me out weight the possible utopia that it can create. This is where I am reminded of Will Smith’s movie. If the smartphone was turned into a microchip and implanted into every human being who could afford it, these people would quite literally be giving themselves over to technology. There would no longer be a distinction between what is considered human and machine. As a result, we enhance a now physical possibility of allowing ourselves to be programed.

There would also be no such thing as privacy. I understand that the word privacy is starting to diminish from our current existing truth, but if the union of human and machine becomes a reality, no one would be able to have a private moment again and the conflict of IRobot will be ours to live.


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