The Rise and/or Fall of Buzzfeed


Ironically enough, I just completed a quiz on Buzzfeed. It turns out my predicted female movie stereotype is a “Strong Female Character”. Of course I am flattered by this, mainly because the picture they provided with the result was this:


Who DOESN’T love Emma Watson? And now, Buzzfeed is comparing me to her? That is crazy.

When Buzzfeed first came out of no where, it was on a social utopia high. The people of the internet loved to come to a website to find out if they were cool or not. For awhile, I participated in these quizzes, the endless supply of quizzes. These quizzes have the power to be empowering, flattering, touching, etc. They have the potential to be positive and fun. This is the most surface way of analyzing Buzzfeed. Since Buzzfeed has gained so much momentum and success, they have expanded their brand. More specifically, they have moved into attempting to be a news source. This is a great stepping stone into the fall of Buzzfeed, or the dystopia of Buzzfeed.

News outlets such as BBC, Al Jazeera, or CNN have credibility. They have professional staff and writers that studied this field. Buzzfeed does not have the credibility or backing that would dub them as a news source. The freeness of the internet allows this to happen. People’s sheer laziness allows this to happen. Rather than going to a website such as MSNBC to read a story written by an accredited journalist, people would much rather click the link to a Buzzfeed article that popped up on their newsfeed. The topic of utopia and dystopia with Buzzfeed is more real than figurative. The dystopia of Buzzfeed already exists.

The matter of dystopia aside, Buzzfeed can very well slip away into the shadows, just like many other fads of our time. People are getting bored of these quizzes, which will lead into the eventual death of the website. As people wain away from the quizzes, they will no longer be using Buzzfeed for their daily news. The rise and fall of new media or technology is a blessing and a curse. The curse of Buzzfeed has already been discussed, but the blessing is that these fads can leave just as quickly as they came in.



Words by Dana D’Onofrio



  1. I loved your post! Why? because I totally related. I take those stupid quizzes all the time and sometimes take the answers to heart. Such as I took one “What city should I live in,?” and I got Paris (Paris is my favorite city in the entire world) I was super pumped and genuinely thought “Yeah, Ya know I should totally move to Paris after graduation. I just need to brush up on my High School French!” It so funny how much a quiz with zero backing just influenced me so quickly.

  2. Coming from a Buzzfeed fanatic, I just had to comment on this post. I definitely agree and I took the same quiz yesterday, and I too, was rather excited when I was compared to Emma Watson.I agree that BuzzFeed will most likely die out but I can’t help but admit that for the time being, I certainly will admit that I have a weakness for Buzzfeed.

  3. BuzzFeed can be really addicting. Of course the quizzes are a lot of fun but the articles, lists, etc. are also just so easy to read. I do feel like BuzzFeed could lead to a “dystopia” if more and more people specifically go to sites like BuzzFeed. If people do not visit other credible news sources and only go on sites like BuzzFeed than I think people will become accustomed to a writing style that is not really credible or 100% professional. As much as I like BuzzFeed, I am aware that in terms of where to get news, there are better sources out there.

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