Utopic Dystopia

In a world consumed with good and evil it is interesting to focus on the good and bad qualities of technology. In this blog I am going to take a look at text messaging, something pretty much anybody with a cell-phone can do. A good starting point would be the utopian aspect of texting. With each passing day technology grows, data is collected and we stick to our daily routine. Now I know society is not perfect, but we are certainly striving to be. In that sense text messaging has given us a form of instant communication. It is something so basic, but highly technological that we definitely take for granted. From a utopian stand- point, texting has given us the opportunity to be in constant contact with people. Which can only help us grow technologically right? Just look back in history and how communication used to be done, now look at how far we have come. One could argue eventually we will have perfected communication. Now countering the utopian viewpoint, the dystopian point of view would suggest that communicating via text message is not a good thing. To some extent I would have to agree with that statement. From a dystopian perspective texting almost hints the end of communication, as we know it. At rate of technological expansion I feel like sometime in the near future we will all be so technologically inclined nobody will have the social skills or need to communicate with anybody in person. As for whether I think texting and the rapid advance of technology is utopian or dystopian it is hard to choose. Technology is constantly improving and impacting our lives, making us more efficient, better and human beings to an extent. The dystopian side of me sees the potential fault in that if we get caught up in this technological world we may get lost.

Written by: Colin McCall



  1. I would have to agree with the idea that text messaging is slowly becoming a counter-productive way of communicating. I think people are becoming too attached to the simplicity of it and somewhat losing a capacity to say certain things in person. Instead they find themselves preferring the simple text and their ability to edit and re-edit their personal thoughts over a message. Perhaps I have a more dystopic view of text messaging.

  2. I also agree with your statement about texting. Because we have the ability to be in constant communication, we are never fully present in the moment. When people come together, they are distracted by their phones instead of having a face to face conversation.

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