Architecture Big Data Tour

On saturday morning I took the walking tour around the loop and learned about data, how it was collected and how the information is used.  Some examples of how the government and other people are using this data was rather interesting, but others, not so much.  For instance, the depart of sanitation compiled all of the complaints about rodents on a day and noticed that they travel in packs.  Using this information they are able to predict movement of rodents and keep complaints to a minimum because they are able to deal with the issue.  On the other hand some of the information was less than impressive to say the least.  The city of Chicago looks through tweets trying to find hints of negative experiences at dining places to see if they should send a health inspector or to convince the tweeter to file a report.  While it is cool and interesting, I feel like putting out a message is why Twitter was created and that this is nothing huge. 

One thing that was mentioned that vastly reminded me of this utopian society is the facial recognition software that is now used through out the loop. This shared network of databases that map out the key features of our faces and then pick them out in a crowd of people. It’s not only just one camera either, it’s multiple ones at once working together to determine who a person is.  Back in June the first person was arrested using this facial recognition software in the loop, so it is relatively new, but is apparently very affective. 

Overall the tour was interesting but some of the things that were shared weren’t all that relative to big data in my opinion.  To be honest, I am not entirely sure why it was done through the architectural foundation, as it didn’t have a lot to do with architecture, but I did learn so much and had a good time.


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