Thinking back on the readings and class discussion, many things have turned out to be particularly negative. People thought that the coming of the internet was going to lead to amazing equality, sharing of ideas, and of each other. The advertisements about the internet did not seem to see any of the many negatives that we have today coming.


The internet is not the utopia that was promised. It is a platform that is unequal in many different ways… some people get more followers than others, some people can pay for faster internet connection while others can not afford it, and some people have access to a computer while others do not. The simple fact that some people do not event own a computer, for whatever reason (money, ethics, etc), is evidence that technology is not utopian. There are so many ways in which technology, specifically the internet, has caused things to become less equal and much less utopian.

I wanted to see how popular and important it was to asses one’s amount of twitter followers. I typed a simple search into Google: “the most twitter followers” and many pages came up. I looked at multiple Google pages and could still find numerous links on this subject. It is clear that the topic of high twitter followers is important to vast amounts of people.

Example of one link that came up:

The reason I chose to focus on twitter for this portion of the analysis was because my friend recently asked me about starting a professional twitter. She was explaining to me that she did want to do this because her profile would essentially be worthless…She did not think that she would obtain “a lot of followers.” She is deciding how worthwhile her account would be based on the number of followers. This is a clear example of how different from utopia the internet is. According to the evidence, some people have more followers than others, which, in this day and age, means that they have more power and right to have the account. It’s interesting but sad.

written by: Katya Seitz


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