#GamerGate links from class




Deadspin, The Future Of The Culture Wars Is Here, And It’s Gamergate

a fairly comprehensive history and critique of the whole #Gamergate story from it’s beginning to the events of 14/15 October.


HuffPost Live, Female Gamers React To #GamerGate

A video interview with female gamers who support #GamerGate.

NYTimes, Anita Sarkeesian, A Video Game Critic, Cancels Speech After Threats Of Massacre

A brief report on the canceling of the USU event cancellation.


Washington Post, The Only Guide To Gamergate You Will Ever Need To Read

…but you will read others because trusting ONE version of such a complex situation is irresponsible, and you are smarter than that so will look up multiple sources to understand multiple angles on not only the events of 14/15 October, but the #Gamergate hashtag, the reddit thread, live-streamed and archived audio debates from the recent Digital Games Researchers Association Meeting (DiGRA) where Jenni Goodchild, a scholar and gamer, debated “representatives” from #Gamergate…

Other Voices on Games and/or Feminism

Washington Post, Allison Bechdel Just Won A McArthur Foundation Genius Grant. She’s Already Changed The Way We Talk About Film

Allison Bechdel’s website , Dykes To Watch Out For, has more.


TED Talks, Jane McGonigal, The Game That Can Add Ten Years To Your Life


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