FDM has a new class for spring 2015!

COMM 371-201 Interactive Storytelling

Video by Martin Ngo.

with Prof Meghan Dougherty

Tuesdays 7-930p

Play an Interactive Story to learn more about the class

COMM371: What is Interactive Storytelling? 

Professor Dougherty used one of the tools she’ll teach—Twine—to build an interactive story about this new class. Play through to read the course description, learn a bit about the interactive game-making tools you’ll use in class, and find links to great example games you can play. Don’t worry—when you decide to register (and I know you will!) you’ll find a link to Locus on each page.

One of the inspirations for this new class was a game called Depression Quest by Zoe Quinn. She used Twine to create an advocacy game that could help players understand what it is like to live with Depression. After releasing her game, there was much backlash from a small, but vocal part of the gaming community we now know as #GamerGate. In class you’ll discuss the role of games in advocacy, journalism, and other nonfiction writing. You’ll also discuss what role serious nonfiction stories can have in games. Since this is a production class, you’ll build your own story-games as Hypercomics, Twines, and Interactive Fictions. Log in to Locus to register.


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