LambdaMOO… Just as Confusing as the Name

I was never a fan of virtual worlds. I always enjoyed living in the real reality of my life. There’s so many complexities in everyday life that I could not deal with entering another w0*JxVtYZ59xOfnstPiorld and dealing with those problems as well. Yet, I took a step out of my comfort zone and entered the world of LambdaMoo. When I first logged into LambdaMoo, I was amazed that an alternate screen would pop up and take me to another galaxy far, far, away. I was greeted with essentially a wavier explaining what I was entering and that if I was a journalist I would have to legally tell the other users before quoting them. Yep, that weirded me out. I then was told to type “new news” in order to get updates on an “Election Halted”. It basically talked about an election of a new wizard. I had no idea what was going on so I went back to the closet. From there I met a guest named Jen. When she asked my name, I gave a fake one.This related back to the class discussion on Anonymity and Privacy. I did not feel comfortable giving my real name in this virtual reality. Intstead, I chose the name Alison and had my interactions under a different name. “Jen” was kind and tried to help me enter the room of Paris. Time passed and I eventually started entering different rooms including the: Entrance Hall, Driveway, and the Street in from of the LambdaHouse. I was approached by a person named Dudley who kept asking for descriptions about myself. I continued to act as if I was Alison and created a whole different individual in order to remain anonymous. Overall, the site was really bizarre. I spent a majority of my time arguing with the screen regarding where I could go, how I could say certain things and wasted a ton of time just trying to move around from room to room.

LambdaMoo is, in my mind, similar to an interactive book. There was excellent description of each room which you could visualize in your mind but you could also talk to real people within this “book”. Today’s interactive sites are far better because it’s not only a description of words, but a “real” virtual reality on the computer. You can create an image of a person you wish you can be within this site and see the other virtual person you are talking to. The community in both sites seem to be a variety of people: some who are normal and helpful or other ones who are creepy. People are able to hide behind a screen and can say strange things because they are able to remain anonymous.

Do you also agree with my opinions of LambdaMoo and the community involved in it?


One comment

  1. I also encountered that dudley character! Kind of gave me the creeps, he kept smiling at me and asked who I was too! I didn’t feel comfortable giving him my real identity and felt odd creating a false identity, so instead I just left and tried to avoid the situation all together! It’s very hard to identify barriers between being anonymous and being ourselves online and what risks we take identifying one way or the other.

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