Not my type of reality

Let me just start out by saying that LambdaMOO was one of the hardest online forums that I’ve ever had to navigate which is ironic because it was supposed to be the most simplified version of the common chat room and based on reading my classmates responses, I feel that we pretty much all agreed with this statement.

To begin with, I felt that a lot of the code that they included when you entered a new response was just completely confusing and created extra words that for new users, like myself, had a hard time differentiating from the actual commands that we could enter. I also had a hard time visually picturing entering the “rooms” that LambdaMoo would say that I had entered. In this new age of media, almost everything comes with a visual depiction of what we are doing on the internet so to try and use my imagination in a sense was something that I wasn’t used to exercising.


I felt that throughout my time on it, the most frustrating part was feeling like I had never actually gone anywhere. For example, one minute I would be near the doghouse and the next I would be in the tavern, two completely different places that I had NO idea how I managed to connect between the two. There came a point where I would just enter things into the commands that I had seen others (probably more experienced users) do and try to follow them.

It also really annoyed and confused me that you couldn’t see how many people were in each room. In the past, my experience with chat rooms have been nothing more than AIM or MSN instant messengers. With these, you were able to see exactly who was on an what time and how many of your “friends” were on. This is the same with Facebook instant messenger today.

Overall, the concept of a virtual reality is something that because I am not a gamer, had a very hard time grasping. For me, this was completely different than the forms of social media that I access regularly primarily because of the lack of visuals. Who would have known that just by not seeing something, it becomes impossible for me to even imagine?

Is there any possibility that chat rooms will resort back to this sort of non visual “basic” form?

Why is this something that isn’t publicized more by large companies such as Apple? I’ve had a Mac for years and didn’t know that I could access this chat room with just a few clicks.


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