Escaping the Real World

The whole idea of LambdaMoo was super interesting to me first because I had never heard of it before our class, and it was already on all of our laptops.  Secondly I was so interested because of how much I enjoyed it. I felt like a real gamer, hunched over my laptop weaving my way through this virtual home. I totally understand how people can spend hours a day on this. The whole software of LambdaMoo seems super dated, I was so used to images and high def graphics when on the computer. But LambdaMoo made me think much more about what I was doing and where I was going within the game. It took me some time to understand how to communicate with other users and interact with actual objects. During my time on LambdaMoo I got seriously lost and confused and stuck in the closet AGAIN. I began communicating with another user who helped me get out of the closet and even gave me a code to a compass of the house to help me navigate better. Although the user continued to follow me throughout much of my LambdaMoo adventures, which was slightly stalkerish, which is elevated by not being able to see all the users your interacting with and who are even in the room with you. My favorite part of the game was the intro descriptions that you were given after entering a different room or area. They were very detailed and helped me imagine the room or area as if I was staring at it on the screen. Although I had never perviously heard of LambdaMoo, after playing I began to understand the attraction to virtual worlds and being able to explore. It truly becomes an escape from the actual world.



  1. That’s so creepy someone was following you! Were they talking to you and guiding you the whole time, was there any communication? Or would it jus say they were there with you?

    I didn’t have anyone stalk me but you’re definitely right about it being unnerving that fact that people can do that so easily — it’s interesting that we even feel weird about that type of thing even though we are only on our computers!

  2. I agree that a game such as LambdaMoo can be a kind of escape. There are just so many things to do and you never really know what is going to pop up next as you make your way through the game. Especially with those detailed descriptions you mentioned. When I was playing, I was definitely trying to picture where my character was.

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